Saturday, April 24, 2010

My apparent absence from earth.

I'm sorry. Once again. My life has been a whirlwind! I'm still going to post pictures of Park City and New York. Also some from Record Store Day. But after getting back, school has been just a crazy busy wad of stress with way more to accomplish than hours in the day. Then I also had a doctor poke a hole in my eardrum before making it clear he was doing so, and that just spawned more problems and fixed nothing. That's finally healed. But Tuesday night I rushed up to Vanderbilt Hospital because my little sister had to have an emergency Appendectomy. She's okay but was in the hospital a few days. On Wednesday night I came down with high fever which has continued off and on and is still happening. I have swollen, painful lymph nodes all over my body. And this could not have come at a worse time because it's FINALS. I've had blood work and the initial Mono test was negative but now is being reconsidered because I'm getting worse while on antibiotics. This is just SO not what I needed. I mean, when is it ever what you need I guess. Ha. But I promise. I'm coming back. Don't give up.

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