Sunday, September 26, 2010


The weather is fantastic outside, and for some reason that makes me want to bake more. I seem to cook a lot more often in the fall. It just seems like part of the season. Today I decided to make a quiche so I could have something good to take for lunch this week.

My ingredients! Honestly I just made this one up. I used six eggs, a container of crumbled goat cheese, one kielbasa sausage diced, and one pack of frozen spinach thawed. Plus some salt and pepper. I mixed it all up in a bowl and then just poured it into a premade crust. You want to bake it until the center isn't jiggly. I put mine in at 350° for about 30 min. Pretty easy but very delicious! I love how versatile quiches are. You can pretty much put whatever you want in. Here's the finished product. It smells amazing, hopefully will taste that way too!

Does fall put you in a baking mood? Do you have any easy go-to things you like to make?


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love me some Lilja.

I've fallen back in love with watercolor. I came across this illustrator, Veronica Ballart Lilja, and I really love her style so I just wanted to share! She's so versatile. From people, to objects, to full out patterns. Hope you enjoy!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

55 South and such.

So last night my friends Lauren and Kayla and I tossed school work to the wind and decided to go out in downtown Franklin. We tried this new(ish) place called 55 South and really enjoyed it! We just went for some drinks and chips and salsa. I'm going to have to recommend the Delta Sunset and the French Quarter. Both were great. And the chips were homemade and fantastic! Anyway, we sat at a bar that's along the front window and had a great time talking and people watching while we drank and munched a little. I'm a huge fan of people watching. Needless to say, that window seat has my name on it! I will definitely be going back. It was a fun time.

Have you been anywhere new that you enjoyed lately?
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