Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free Holiday Downloads!

So everybody loves a great download that doesn't cost you a penny! Especially if it's useful, and even better if it actually saves you money. So I decided to post a collection of some of my favorite Christmas downloads so that for you guys it's just one stop! Much easier than wading through the bad links and sketchy downloads. Well, here goes nothing!

For the first link, the blogger of How About Orange made this precious background. The image is so cute, but I love that it's small so if you have files on your desktop, they won't get lost in the picture. Click HERE to get this wallpaper!

Now, if you've read some previous posts or know me at all, you'll know I'm a type nerd. I understand that if you're not familiar with typography, that's a weird concept. That someone could be gaga over fonts? I know. Freak. Oh well. This is a Christmas font that I love for fun holiday flyers or even Christmas cards. Plus, the name just cracks me up. Click HERE to go to the download page for Christmas on Crack. That's right, folks. Christmas. On. Crack.

If you're a little more on the old fashioned side, or love the look of vintage Christmas cards, than this font, appropriately called Christmas Card, is just for you! Get to the download page HERE.

Next we have printable holiday tags up the heezy, because well, I just couldn't choose one. They're all great, but all so different!

These are from Paper Crave and are actually available in three different colors! For the red and teal shown above click HERE. There is also a deep fuchsia and green version, which you can get HERE. And lastly, dark and light blue, which is HERE.

The next holiday tags are from Domestifluff! These are so cute, I love love love the first one with the repeated 'snow' on it. Get them HERE.

Okay. These tags are to die for and my absolute favorite. They are from the brilliant illustrator behind Orange You Lucky! I mean. Does it get any better? Get the first set HERE, and the second HERE.

Now, West Elm is not only offering gift tags in four different themes, but also entertaining sets with place cards, name tags and menus. This is just the tiniest sneak peak of some of their gift tags, but if you go HERE, you can choose gifting or entertaining downloads and then between their four themes, botanical, graphic, animal, or snowflake. I mean, if you want, you could just choose them all!

This next download is a set of Merry Mixers from hi, friend design and comes with the labels and the recipes! This would be really great for a hostess gift or even just fun to give a friend who loves entertaining. For the Charming Cranberry Cocktail recipe and tag, click HERE. For the Apricot Ginger Fizz, click HERE. (I really want to try that one!) For the Pretty Please Pomegranate Cosmo, click HERE.

What's your favorite download of these freebies? I want to know!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter + Fashion= ♥

I'm really finding a new found love for fashion, but I just have to admit that I get so much more excited about it in winter. I love layering and chunky scarves and grandma sweaters. Knee high socks and leggings and boots. Ahh I just get happy thinking about it. I also really have the desire to know more. Just about specific designers and being more aware of the industry. Not necessarily for any other reason but my own curiosity.

I've seen a lot of the southwestern and nordic looking prints this season. Some are just not doing it for me, but I'm really feeling this outfit.

Ahh. Big bags and big scarves. Double weakness.

This is fantastic. If anyone knows who makes this, please let me know! I mean, Darth Vader bling? What could be better.

Oversized sweater? Check.

Okay. A? Love me some circle scarves. B? Is her hair rockin, or what? I love it!

What's your favorite thing about winter fashion?
Or are you anti winter all around?

Ps. Stay tuned for links to some really awesome and free holiday downloads!
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