Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And suddenly it's been years.

Last night it was absolutely beautiful outside. The wind was just incredible. The kind that lifts spirits and raises questions and hopes, puts out small fires and spreads the big ones like wildfire. It just felt amazing. It was my sister's birthday, but after cake and presents and even once the birthday girl crashed, a select group stayed out on the back porch. I drank chardonnay as the storm came in and enjoyed good friends.

You know when you still view something as new, or rather just not old, and then you have that moment where you realize it's not anymore? We were having a conversation about the first time we all met each other and I made some reference to a year ago or so and my friend Clay laughed and said, "I've known you for years. Way before that." And I said no but then gradually added year by year to my count until it neared a whole hand and I wondered where the time has gone. Life is so sneaky sometimes.


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