Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am totally a legit medical googler.

Matthew told me earlier that he thought he pulled an eye muscle sneezing.

Mmhmm. Probably.

Well he just came down from a nap and his eyelid is now swollen with an obvious bump near his lash line. We decided it must be a stye. But he didn't really know much about styes. So of course, logically, I googled it for him.

"An external stye (pronounced /ˈstaɪ/) or hordeolum (/hɔrˈdiːələm/) is an infection of the sebaceous glands of Zeis at the base of the eyelashes, or an infection of the apocrine sweat glands of Moll."

Sebaceous glands of Zeis? Apocrine sweat glands of Moll? Is it just me or does that sound like Greek mythology? And also, I think I may be vague and tell people he as a hordeolum. That sounds much worse. And embarrassing.

"Styes are characterized by an acute onset and usually short in duration (7-10 days without treatment)."

Can someone tell Wikipedia that 7-10 days isn't really a short duration?

I then proceeded to show him pictures of worst case scenarios and informed him it could possibly burst. While laughing hysterically. Mostly because of his reaction. But partially because he could end up looking temporarily deformed.

Clearly, I am such a good roommate.


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