Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's a vehicular miracle!

No really. You'll never guess. Are you ready?

I cleaned out my car.

Now, if you're not gasping in astonishment, you're having the wrong reaction. Since I started college, I have literally become Hoarders: The Car Edition. No exaggeration. I think it stems from living between too many places. The easiest thing to do was to have something in my car because, HEY! I'll have it no matter where I am! But here we are, last semester of college and I am so over having a messy car its not even funny. I was pulling out of the parking lot after class and just knew. I'm cleaning out my car. NOW. And I feel wonderful about it. I still need to either take it to get detailed or clean it myself, but that will have to be another day. I'm not even joking when I say, I'm pretty sure my car feels lighter when I drive. Maybe its just my imagination. But seriously. maybe not.

In the cleaning out process I found some things I'm super excited about.

  1. Battle Studies
  2. my favorite nail polish (OPI You Don't Know Jacques)
  3. twenty bucks
  4. vintage stamps I got while antiquing
  5. some pajama pants I love
  6. a set of beautiful mugs I totally forgot about
Life is messy enough and I'm ready for everything else to be organized and cleaned out. No extra clutter. After moving once a year in a hurried, spastic fashion, you just become concerned with the packing and the unpacking and stop paying attention to what you're even toting around. So. I'm reverting back to my OCD roots. It's been decided. And I'm excited.


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