Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to school. For the last time.

I was always a little bit of a dork. I loved fall, loved going back to school. It was always so fun for me to go up to the school and find my name on the lists, discovering my teacher and the rest of my classmates for the year. And later, picking out the perfect outfit, running around with my schedule of classes hoping for similarities among friends. I still love it, even though now it's not really any surprise who's in my classes, and I know who teaches what when I sign up. That comes with being at a small art school. I just love the season. Love school supplies. I wish I could go out and buy boxes of crayons, pretty binders. I probably will anyway, because hey, it's my last back-to-school. Ever. So strange. How did it get here so fast?

I've come across a few things lately that I'm loving. Just wanted to share. In case anyone else loves the back-to-school shopping excuse too!

Aren't these elephant measuring cups the cutest!? What a great housewarming present. Or, you know. Maybe it's about time you got new ones, what with all that baking you're going to start doing... find them here.

Ah, the typography nerd is getting the best of me. I love this. Something fresh and different for your wall. And appropriate for school, right? What's more back-to-school than the alphabet??

I am loving this dress from Modcloth. They call it Mojitos on Monday. Which just makes me love it even more!

What's on your back-to-school shopping list?

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