Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hey shoulder. Could you stay put? Thanks.

This has been an unbelievably busy week. And not a good one besides that. It included multiple all nighters, which set me up for being slightly more mentally fragile anyway. My grandfather had surgery and we also found out a close family friend has cancer. So with that on my mind as well as projects due this week and the biggest freaking exam I've ever taken in my life in Art History, I just was not in the best spirits. So of course something else had to go wrong. Let's see how many things we can pile on at once, right? Well. Earlier in the week I pulled my shoulder out of joint. Uh. Yeah. It's not a pleasant experience. I have abnormal, hyper flexible joints that can dislocate much easier than the average person. So unfortunately, this is not a first. Not by any means. I've lost count how many times it's happened to my knee caps. Yeah. It's gross. I just slide stuff back into place pretty easily now. It doesn't get any less painful, but I have a pretty high tolerance for it. It's not like it happens all the time. It varies. Sometimes I go a year without an incident, some years there's a few. So anyway. It's only happened a few times to my shoulder, but it was all to my left one, and I actually had to have surgery several years ago after tearing the cartilage that the ball of your shoulder joint sits in. So this time it was my right shoulder. For the first time. And it happened while I was trying to get a sweatshirt up over my head. Yeah. That's how retarded my joints are. Anyway. Unfortunately attending to personal injury fell down the priority list along with sleep and food, which are regularly knocked from the top by school. Oh the joys of design school. It's like nothing else. Now that the week is over I finally got a chance to see the doctor and take care of myself. I was having trouble just dealing with the pain on this one, especially at night. Shoulder injuries make sleeping difficult. So now I'm fixed up with anti-inflammatories and a little bit of pain medication for night time and I'm hoping the healing will commence pronto. I mean. I should probably wear the sling. But it's just so dang inconvenient... You should probably yell at me if you see me without it. Bleh. I leave you with a photo representation of my cozy night curled up on the couch with my big fluffy flannel comforter. Finally feeling better.

Too bad I don't have my own personal Dr. McSteamy to make me feel better...
I know, I know. Grey's Anatomy dork. Oh well.

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