Saturday, February 6, 2010

Secret Adventures and Tearful Apologies.

Okay. First, an apology for how long it took me to write this post. (Not the tearful one.) This all starts a couple weeks ago on Monday the 25th.

On Monday afternoon I worked on writing some content for a project at the Starbucks in Downtown Franklin. My mom stopped by because she was in the area and I decided to take her across the street to Sweet Cece's because she hadn't been yet! Well. While we were there, a certain someone also popped in for some icecream.

Taylor Swift! She was such a sweetheart. And loves her some cookie dough, haha. She was in the area doing a video shoot and had a rough day, so she said she thought some Sweet Cece's would make it better. That and a nap. I like her thinking.

Later that night my friend Kaelah saw that there were a bunch of big trucks in The Factory parking lot that had subtle MTV labels on them along with a few giant tour buses. Well. We just couldn't help ourselves. I threw on some clothes and met Kaelah and Kayla at their house along with Kaelah's bf Mike, and we went on a secret snooping mission. It's just a short walk away, so we took a stroll in the freezing cold, you know, no big deal, minding our own business...

We heard music being played and saw large amounts of equipment stacked up inside...

Then we saw a sign directing crew on one of the doors and we knew! This is where they had to be taping the episode of CMT Crossroads with John Mayer and Keith Urban the next night. Which was not open to the public. Psh. Like that matters.

The next night, after alternately working on homework in our school space at The Factory (read: not really doing anything but freaking out that I could faintly hear that glorious guitar playing through the walls but couldn't get into the room it was taking place in) and standing outside in the cold outside the venue, Merissa and I stepped inside a side door so we could hear a little bit better and be warmer. A girl walked by and let us know that we might be able to sneak in without anyone saying anything to us on the balcony. So very quietly and looking like we knew exactly what we were doing, we went up the stairs and through the doors, passed the security guard- who didn't say a thing to us- (we just ran to the bathroom, we've been here the whole time, right?) and got a free show! A free show to see the new love of my life! Tiffany and Kayla soon joined us when they heard where we were. I kid you not, we were 15 feet away from John Mayer. I could have easily jumped off the balcony and into his arms safely if he were willing and paying attention. (Ahh, one day...) The balcony was not that high up at all and they were playing on a raised platform. It was fantastic. And Keith and John played the guitar amazingly together. It just worked. Such a fun night all the way around.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday night. When I had tickets to his actual concert.

I just have to say that it was the most emotional show I've ever been to. And I think the best show besides all of that. He is so extremely talented. I'm sure everyone's heard the stupid controversy about things he said in an interview, and I'm not saying I support what he said. I just think that he was talking out of his ass and is not the least bit racist (He has a giant man crush on Jay-Z for goodness sakes.) But he gave the most honest and sincere apology I have ever heard from anyone in the public eye. Seriously, I think the majority of the 20,000 people there were crying. (I, being one of them.) Here's the apology, I hope if you have ill feelings towards him, whatever its about, you'll see that he has a good heart.

He literally started crying. On a stage. In front of 20,000 people. And then I got to watch him play the hell out of his guitar. While tears streamed down his face. It was so completely moving. Completely fills my heart. And on that note, I think I'll say goodnight.



  1. you met Taylor Swift? oh my god, i. love. her.
    I'm so happy for you!!! and very jealous!

  2. yes, it was so awesome! haha thanks, i was a happy, happy girl!


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