Saturday, February 20, 2010

I've been roaming around.

I was looking down at all I see.
Painted faces fill the places I can't reach.
You know that I could use somebody.

Things are looking up. I think some big things may be in reach. And I've made a decision to start working towards the things that aren't yet. Even though there are other parts of my life that have to be a priority right now (read: school), I think that whatever minimal time I can spend on my further away dreams is worth it. I think it will make me happier to feel like I'm doing something about it. And maybe even inspire me more in the everyday. I'm sorry I'm being vague. There are things I'm not yet allowed to talk about for trademarking and legal reasons, and things that honestly I'm not ready to talk about. Not as openly as a blog at least. But that will be a step. So one day. Hopefully soon.



  1. I wish I could tell the olsen twins apart better than i can right now, but i sure love her lipstick color.
    great pictures too :D

  2. thanks! haha I think that's Mary Kate, but I'm not confident enough to bet on it.


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