Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mug lovin.

I have this thing. It gets me into trouble. Trouble, as in I'm running out of room in my cabinets and I could never have enough house guests to warrant their numbers. I have this thing... for coffee mugs. Especially vintage ones. But every once in awhile a brand new one catches my eye. I had been eyeing one that came out at Starbucks around Valentine's Day, and saw it marked down yesterday morning. Now. Once upon a time there was this mug that looked like a sweater... and I refrained. And I still think about it to this day. It was the one that got away. So I wasn't passing this one up. I'm in love.

Note the nail polish. Which is also new. OPI's Alpine Snow. I've never done the white nail thing but I think I like it. It's just kind of refreshing.


ps. it's snowing!


  1. i used to work at starbucks, and have the same addiction. I worked there a little over a year, and in that time i acquired about 30 adorable coffee cups. i remember the cup that looked like a sweater. it was adorable. it got away from me too. sigh.

  2. nice ~mugshot. [haha see what i did there? :P]

    ps; gimmie that pink miu miu bag in the post below. i realize its not yours, but please go procure it for me. thankssssss

  3. kara: i'm glad someone remembers that mug. i felt a little silly for remembering it. but it was the cutest thing!

    kaelah: hahaha so clever. and uh, if i figure out a way to manifest that purse, i will of course manifest two. consider it on the to-do.


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