Thursday, December 10, 2009


So last night I drove up to Boone, North Carolina. I used to go to school up here at Appalachian State University. I miss this place a lot. I'm where I need to be education wise (design school), but I love the cold weather and the mountains. So I still come up every once in awhile, to see people I miss and to regenerate a little bit. There's not much here, it's pretty secluded, but it's beautiful. And sometimes it's nice to feel far away from everything for just a little while. It's an especially nice breath of fresh air after a stressful, uninspired ending to a semester. I'm ready for a new start in a sense, ready to reorganize. My life, my house, my work. I need to find definitive directions and make decisions about internships and what I want to do when I graduate. But for right now... for right now I'm going to breathe. Enjoy the mountains. Enjoy the snow. (Snow!) I'm going to rejuvenate and gain a fresh outlook to go back home with. Maybe do a little Christmas shopping at the antique stores and outlet mall nearby. I'm also going to make some delicious goodies for my friends still going through finals. I mean... I may eat some as well... but mostly for them. Pictures later!

❤ love.

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