Monday, December 28, 2009

When your day goes wrong.

I just wanted to share with you a story to remember the next time your day goes wrong. Whether you're thrown off schedule or forced to go out of your way, sometimes there's reason in the small annoyances we face.

Right before Christmas, during some of the snowstorms, my Aunt's plane got delayed in North Carolina. Because the babysitter couldn't stay, my other aunt had to go pick up her nephew and feed him dinner and get him in bed before his mom finally got home. So she ended up pulling in her driveway about 9:30 at night, when normally she would have been in bed. It was freezing cold, and raining. That horrible bone chilling rain that's barely a degree away from ice. And as she drove in she noticed an unfamiliar car with it's lights on in the back of her driveway. She got out of her car, and cautiously walked to the far side of the strange vehicle. The door was left open, and on the ground was an 88 year old woman who had slipped, broken her collarbone and shoulder and could not get back up. She had gone to a Christmas party and had gotten lost on her way back home. After driving around for awhile, she decided to stop there for directions because the house looked 'friendly.' She had been laying in the freezing cold in the rain for over an hour. My uncle never heard anything outside and if my aunt's day had gone normally, she would have been inside as well, and no one would have noticed until morning when it would have undoubtedly been too late. My aunt sat there in the driveway with her while they waited for the ambulance to get there and the woman shared bits and pieces of her life story. She spent a few days in the hospital but is going to be just fine.

So the next time your plane gets delayed or you have to run an unexpected errand. You get stuck in traffic or your day just gets totally screwed to hell. There might be a reason. You might have to deal with a bunch of things going wrong, that in the scheme of things don't really matter, so that somewhere, for someone else, something can go right. In a big way. In this case a snowstorm, a delayed flight, a day that went longer than planned, all added up to the little old lady that lived.



  1. I love you! You always know how to make things better and show that things happen in life for a reason.

  2. thanks guys :) love you too Merissa!


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