Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh sweet kitchen o' mine.

So maybe you like to cook. Maybe you like eating what someone else cooks. Or maybe you just like sitting all over the counter with friends for random good conversation. (You know the kind where you finally look at a clock and realize it's 4 am.) I guess there's also option d, all the above. You should know that I renovate/redesign my kitchen in my head at least once a week. God help me if I ever have the time and money to cater to my musings.

all from
Something else I've been eyeing lately is the Etsy store of Trixie Delicious. Called Vandalized Vintage, it features vintage china plates, cups, and saucers that have been... well, vandalized. I love how completely unexpected they are. All elegant and flowery and then BOOM.
Sophisticatedly trashy china? Yes, please. My disclaimer is that some are more vulgar than the ones shown here. So visit at your own risk. And shield innocent eyes! That's about all for now, folks.
❤ love


  1. oh. my. gosh. love love love every single picture in this post. and i think i need those teacups that say "skank" and "hussy" in my life. just sayin.

    totes stealing those images, lady!

  2. thanks! i'm totally in love with those teacups too. and you are totally welcome to steal :)


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