Friday, December 4, 2009


I'm just going to go ahead and put this out there. I'm a type nerd. I'll be clear that my nerdiness encompasses much more, but we'll work up to that. Baby steps. Another of my favorite things? Christmas shopping. Or really any kind of shopping for other people. FInding that perfect present and watching for that reaction as it's opened. It's an art. And a science really. (The shopping part, not the watching part.) So I've created a little bit of a gift guide to share with you full of some typography I've been crushing on. A combination of my two loves. And maybe you know somebody who also has thing for letters that might like a little type lovin underneath their Christmas tree.

1. READ recycled wood $32 by William Dohman 2. Chicago $22 by Ork Posters 3. Winter Beverage Towel Set $21 by NestaHome 4. CMYK Necklace $20 by Plastique 5. Marquee Alphabet Lights $178 from Urban Outfitters 6. If Life Deals You Lemons laser cut $65 by Julene
❤ love.

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