Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's gonna be a good one.

So. I had a pretty crazy start to my year. It all started at midnight when I got a new years eve kiss from a friend which spawned a breakdown 20 minutes later in which my drunken sister burst into tears and confessed her love for him. Already getting good, right? I mean, not even half an hour in to 2010 and we're already getting down to the All My Children shit. But I will say that she does random things like this when she's had too much to drink so by the next morning everything was back to normal. No awkward love triangle to report.

So anyway, today we had to move all of our barn cats from the old farm to our new family farm. And you have to understand that when I say barn cat, I don't mean scraggly and skittish. I mean spoiled rotten, beautiful and very loved cats that happen to live in a barn. And there are 20 of them. I know, I know. That's A LOT of cats. But we get them fixed, they get shots and frontline, and get to roll around in the grass all day catching field mice and have a heated place to sleep. We can't help it if we're somehow always the ones to find boxes of kittens dumped on the side of the road. If we can't find them homes, we give them one.

So back to moving them. It was my sister and mine's job. And our strategy was to one by one catch them, open alternating car doors so as to throw off the already captured ones, and quickly toss them in the car. All twenty of them. My sister had to climb through her hatchback window to get in the car without letting them escape. I thankfully successfully slid into the passenger seat while she distracted them.

Now, I don't care how friendly a cat is, not very many of them are fans of car rides. So you can probably imagine the chaos that ensued of 20 loose cats in small SUV during the 45 minute drive between farms. I'm pretty sure this had to be illegal in five different ways. But I'm also pretty sure it had to be THE most entertaining car ride of my life.

I had four scaredy cats that never left my arms the duration of the ride. Disney, Pokey, Peaches, and Liger. Actually, Liger didn't mind the ride, he just likes to snuggle.

So anyway. Honey Bear wedged herself between my sister's upper back and the seat. Let me just say that sometimes cats pant when they're scared, and Honey was not only panting, but letting a large drool train drip down all over the place. Disgusting, I know. So I turn around and see this happening and make a noise that causes my sister to see what's happening out of the corner of her eye. She starts FREAKING out because she gets grossed out easily and she can't fully see where all this spit is going. I can't tell her because I am laughing so hard at her freaking out, and at this point she can't look because Casper has climbed half on top of her head and half on top of the headrest and not to mention SHE'S DRIVING. So there's a cat on her head, she's freaking out pressing herself against the door, screaming "IS IT ON MY NEW JACKET!!?!?!?" And I just can't stop laughing. Because we're probably about to die and my arms are full of cats and I'm trying to get George and Winnie off the dashboard and this is the grossest thing ever but completely hysterical because it's not happening to me. And even if it was getting on her new jacket I couldn't do anything about it.

Ultimately, no one died and we were successful in getting them all to their new home. Mission accomplished.

We ended the day by curling up and watching The Hangover with some friends. Appropriate, I think, for New Years Day. I think this is going to be an interesting year, to say the least. Interesting in all the best ways.


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