Saturday, January 9, 2010

What snow feels like.

We see. We taste. Hear. Touch. Smell. Most of us, that is. But with five senses to keep up with, depending on what we're experiencing, we forget to use some. By now you all know how much I love snow, how much it makes my heart smile. I've been enjoying it so much the past three days, how beautiful it is dancing around in the air, the silence it creates. But this afternoon I opened my front door to watch it fall, and saw someone else do the same across the drive. But it was the old blind man. And he stepped outside and closed his eyes, raised his face upwards, and felt the snow. And instead of watching the snow, I just stood there watching him, smiling. Because I forgot to take in how the snow feels. Landing on your eyelashes, your skin, like tiny feathers that melt at the warmth. And it felt just as beautiful as it looked.



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