Sunday, January 24, 2010

Magic in a cardboard cup & the love of my lives.

Sorry for the lack of posting, it's been a pretty busy weekend.
On Friday after class and cleaning up the house some, I met Katie and Lauren at Sweet Cece's. Not to brag on myself, but I made the most glorious creation EVER. Perfect Peanut Butter and NY Cheesecake frozen yogurt with Lucky Charms, chocolate cookie dough, and hot fudge. OHMYLORD. Magic.

Afterwards we went to Green Hills for a bit, then headed back to Katie's apartment to meet up with Kayla and commence a night of cupcake making and movie watching. I'm sure you don't realize, but on Friday it had been exactly two years since Heath Ledger died. I seriously have not watched a Heath Ledger movie since. But I figured it was time, especially since two years is a very long time to go without watching your favorite movie. So while the funfetti cupcakes were in the oven, we popped in the DVD and I took a deep breath to prepare myself for that gorgeous smile.

So... the paintball scene? You know the one I mean? Well just in case:

It's perfection. So cute. The best date ever. Being tackled into a giant hay pile by a paint covered hunk-a-hunk of burning love?? UH, YES PLEASE. The way he throws off those goggles before going in for some lip action? OH YEAH. You toss those babies and plant one over here.

And as embarrassing as this is to admit, especially to people who may not know me and may just write me off as a crazy person immediately (well I am a little crazy, but one with redeeming qualities I like to think), I just couldn't help myself. I literally burst into tears during it. Because he was just the most gorgeous man to walk the earth. And I had every intention of testing out that gloriousness myself. No really. I basically had to change my life plan.

The rest of the weekend kind of flew by, including driving a few hours to visit my little sister and somehow ending up at a Guns and Roses cover band show with Merissa during Kayce's birthday celebrations. I know. Random of randoms. Today I went on another Green Hills adventure and ended up taking a trip to The Body Shop and Sephora with Lauren. I am pretty excited about some purchases... which included an OPI nail polish known as Ocean Love Potion. It ranks pretty high on my favorite nail polish names list.

Tonight has just been me which was nice. I grabbed some sushi and came home to put laundry in, and watched some Criminal Minds while eating my full moon sushi combo. I then proceeded to make these little babies:

Strawberry Sundrop cupcakes. I know, right? They are pretty amazing. I was a proud little baker. So now that I've eaten a couple, I'm ready to sprawl out and enjoy my new Cosmo and Vogue and make some design plans. Also some birthday present researching may go on. OH! I almost forgot that I had some really awesome thrift finds this weekend too. I will be posting pictures of those soon. Stay tuned!


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  1. hehe I love this post! AND I LOVE THOSE CUPCAKES! Oh. Those have my name written all over them. Pretty sure I laughing extremely hard when reading "toss those glasses and plant one right on my lips" hahahahahaha I can see you saying that. STOKED about the OPI nailpolish.. I love that KT and I both said "wow, Caitlin! that looks just like you!!!!" haha. Enjoy that Vogue... and the sex tips in Cosmo... *kidding!* love yoooooooou!


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