Saturday, June 19, 2010

Coconut Coffee Shake.

I've recently fallen in love with a food blog called Green Kitchen Stories. Besides the fact that everything they post looks amazing, I LOVE the site. Its so clean and beautiful, very well designed. Since I've been craving chilled coffee drinks lately, when I saw this I knew I had to share. I can't wait to try it!

Coconut Coffee Shake
Makes 2 large glasses or 4 small

3/4 cup coconut milk
3/4 cup rice milk
1 large banana
2 tbsp coconut flakes
1/2 cup hazelnuts or 2 tbsp nut butter
1 tsp cardamom
1 tsp vanilla powder
8 ice cubes
1 – 2 shots espresso (depending on how strong you like it) or 2-3 tsp instant coffee

Mix all ingredients, except the espresso, in a blender for a couple of minutes (if you use instant coffee you should blend it as well). Pour the shake into the glasses. Pour the wished amount of espresso into each glass, stir a couple of times with a spoon. Serve immediately.

Be sure to head over to the blog and check out some of their other recipes!


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